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Ayurvedic Constitutions Chart

© Yolande Manson (Yolande Waho) 2001

  • Each person is made up of differing levels of all three doshas.
  • Your constitutional type comes from the dominant doshas in your body at birth.
  • Most people are a mix of two doshas, it is rare to be a pure type or tridoshic (even mix of three).

TO FIND YOUR TRUE BIRTH CONSTITUTION (body type), it is recommended you visit a trained practitioner for a pulse analysis.  Filling in forms will not give an accurate assessment of your type.  The following is given for your information only and is not intended for diagnosis of constitution.

Pure Vata : Air & Ether : Active, Thoughtful, Creative

Physical Traits

FRAME: thin, small

HEIGHT: very tall or very short

WEIGHT: low, loses easily

JOINTS/VEINS: small, prominent

SKIN: dry, cool, thin, dark, wrinkles

HAIR: thin, dark, dry, wiry

NAILS: thin, break easily

EYES: small, dark, blinks a lot

TEETH: small/big, uneven, grey

TONGUE: small, thin, cracked, shakes, dark

PULSE: weak, thin, fast, irregular


Mental Traits

MIND: active, restless, indecisive

MOOD: changeable, quick to anger, quick to forget

EMOTIONS: fear, anxiety, worry, nervousness

MEMORY: short-term best, variable

LEARNING: audio/tactile, learns fast, forgets easily

SLEEP: needs little, wakes often

DREAMS: active, fearful, flying

SPEECH: fast, fluctuates, can be weak

MONEY: spends easily, lots & often

BEST JOBS: creative, teaching, art, design, conceptual, dance



Body Functions

APPETITE: variable, low, forgets to eat

CRAVES: sweet, sour, salty, heavy, warm

THIRST: variable, high or low

BOWEL MOTIONS: constipated, dry, dark, small pieces

SWEAT: low

ACTIVITY: variable, low stamina

COMMON AILMENTS: mental, nervous, hormonal, weakness & emaciation, bad teeth, arthritis, gas, varicose veins, coldness, bone/nerve/back pain

Pure Pitta : Fire & Water : Precise, Moderate, Logical, Fiery

Physical Traits

FRAME: medium, pointed fingers, strong

HEIGHT: medium

WEIGHT: medium, gains/loses at will

JOINTS/VEINS: medium, visible

SKIN: oily, soft, warm, fair, moles, rashes

HAIR: oily, red/blonde, early & grey & bald

NAILS: soft, flexible

EYES: sharp, green/blue, bloodshot

TEETH: small-med, sharp, yellow stain

TONGUE: pointy, red, yellow coating

PULSE: med-fast, strong, sharp, hot, regular


Mental Traits

MIND: intelligent, logical, precise, motivated

MOOD: intense, driven, easily angered & irritated

EMOTIONS: anger, frustration, impatient, jealous, aggressive

MEMORY: sharp, very good

LEARNING: quick, conceptual, visual

SLEEP: needs moderate amount

DREAMS: violent, fiery, active

SPEECH: precise, tactless

MONEY: budgets, spends on luxuries

BEST JOBS: active, planning, Leadership, management, armed forces, government

Body Functions

APPETITE: high/excessive, can’t miss meals

CRAVES: sweet, bitter, astringent, cool, raw

THIRST: high

BOWEL MOTIONS: soft, greenish, loose, frequent

SWEAT: lots

ACTIVITY: competitive, active, good energy

COMMON AILMENTS: stomach ulcers, heartburn, rashes, vision & liver problems, diarrhoea, burning, inflammation

Pure Kapha : Earth & Water : Calm, Stable, Regular, Solid

Physical Traits

FRAME: large, strong, heavy

HEIGHT: tall or stocky

WEIGHT: gains easily, hard to lose

JOINTS/VEINS: large, not prominent/visible

SKIN: thick, soft, oily, cool, pale

HAIR: thick, luxuriant, glossy, wavy, soft, oily

NAILS: thick, strong, pale

EYES: large, very white sclera, long lashes

TEETH: large, strong, even, white

TONGUE: thick, rounded, pale, moist

PULSE: slow, regular, cool, thick

Mental Traits

MIND: calm, stable, patient

MOOD: slow to anger, holds long grudges

EMOTIONS: happy, greedy, attached, selfish

MEMORY: slow, good long-term

LEARNING: slow, sustained, repetition

SLEEP: deep, lots, loves  to sleep!

DREAMS happy, emotional, water:

SPEECH: slow, monotonous, calm

MONEY: saves, spends lots on food

BEST JOBS: building, manual labour, caring, nursing, teaching, catering, counselling, admin

Body Functions

APPETITE: low, loves to eat!

CRAVES: pungent, bitter, astringent, warm


BOWEL MOTIONS: large, oily, pale, slow

SWEAT: lots on exertion

ACTIVITY: lethargic, un-motivated, good stamina

COMMON AILMENTS: congestion, mucus, obesity, diabetes, infections, warts, growths, callouses, polyps, lung/sinus/nose problems

© Yolande Manson (Yolande Waho) 2001


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