valid July to 31 August 2016


Standard Therapeutic Massage
includes relaxation, moderate deep tissue, acupressure, reflexology, pregnancy:
30mins $30, 60mins $50 save $5 – $10

$5 extra per massage.

Ayurvedic Massage
hot herbal oil, Indian style:
30 mins $35, 60 mins $60, 90 mins $80 save $5 – $10

Community Services Card Discount
for those with current valid CSC.
Standard: 30 mins $25, 60 mins $40 save $5
Aromatherapy: $5 extra per massage
Ayurvedic: 30 mins $30, 60 mins $55 save $5
*please show card when you arrive for your first appointment

Koha (donation) Services
available for those in very difficult financial circumstances.
Valid Community Services Card also required. Please contact to discuss your options.


Ayurvedic Body Type Analysis
Find your unique bodytype, and get diet and lifestyle advice based on your bodytype and current imbalances.
60 mins = $80 save $20

12-Organ Pulse Diagnosis
Check the state of your 12 major organs, and get any necessary advice on treatment and prevention.
30 mins = $40 save $10

Ayurvedic Body Type plus 12 Organ Check
Combo of Body Type Analysis and Organ Diagnosis.
90 mins = $120 save $20

Professional Food Sensitivity Testing
Sent to a lab in the UK, this tests for sensitivities to a large list of foods and chemical substances, and offers advice on nutritional deficiencies and imbalances.
2x 30 minute appointments, plus detailed results and dietary instructions = $180 save $20