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Food Sensitivity Testing

Professional Food Sensitivity Testing Information

with Yolande Waho AMD, ND


This very well known UK-Based Lab has been perfecting the art of Technical Hair Analysis for over 25 years.  I am an agent for this testing service, a Naturopath with over 18 years experience, and am fully trained in resolving food sensitivity issues.


Why This Test?

I use these tests as they take away the guesswork and save so much time!  I’ve been working with this company for years and was actually tested by them myself when I was a child, so I know they’re good.

It tests wide range of foods and products, and also shows up nutritional deficiencies and dietary needs.

I always warn people that the results can be a little scary (it tends to find quite a lot of foods), but I help guide them to work slowly through the list if it’s too daunting. Often I’ve found, when we remove the one or two foods/groups on the list, the other sensitivities are not longer an issue.


Your Consultations and Results

Your consultation cost includes the test, plus two consultations (one at time of test and one when results come back)

The initial in-person session involves taking a sample and filling in forms, and takes about half an hour.  The test results are then sent to be tested and will be mailed to you with full explanations, and we normally have a phone consultation at this point to discuss how to work with the results (some clients will come back for an in-person consultation, or choose to discuss by email, but most are done over the phone – the cost is the same for you).

I can do the initial consultations over the phone or by email if you’re not local to the Tauranga area, or if your time is limited, however it’s best I do the first consultation in person as a trained person is meant to take the sample.

Results can take up to 1 month to come back to us (due to postage to and from UK), but can be as quick as a week or so if lucky.


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