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Papamoa Beach – New Zealand

Naturopathic Services Information

Yolande Waho (AMD, ND) is a Naturopath and Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner, Registered with the NZ Society of Naturopaths, and qualified since 2001.  Due to being so busy, Yolande now only sees clients for the below services.  If you require general health advice or consultations, we can refer you to other practitioners in the area.


Ayurvedic Body Type Consultation: 60 minutes

Yolande uses Traditional Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis to find your birth constitution and current imbalances.  She then advises you on simple lifestyle and dietary changes which can make huge improvements to your state of health, improve performance, and prevent future ailments.  She also explains your personality and body type based on the elements of your constitution.

Whether currently ill or generally healthy, you will learn ways to help your body function at a more optimum level.  Through teaching, Yolande can give you the power to heal and prevent illness and imbalance in your own body.

Read more about the theory of Ayurvedic Body Types, and how these consultations work here.


Ayurvedic 12-Organ Check by Pulse Diagnosis: 30 minutes

Yolande checks the health and current state of your 12 major bodily organs by pulse, and offers advice to re-balance and prevent problems in affected areas.

Read more about the theory of Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis, and how these consultations work here.


Ayurvedic Body and Organ Consultation Combo: 90 minutes

Body type consultation, with 12-Organ Check included (see above for details).


Food Sensitivity Testing

In today’s world, most of us are suffering from the ill-effects of eating or coming into contact with substances that our bodies can’t tolerate well.  This causes stress on the body, and weakens the immune system, and often produces uncomfortable symptoms.

Here are some common symptoms of  food and chemical sensitivity:  Eczema, Psoriasis, Rashes, Hives, Asthma, Sneezing, Itchy Nose/Eyes/Ears/Mouth, Coughing, Digestive Discomfort, Gas, Belching, Reflux (in adults and children), Excessive Mucus and/or Earwax, Insomnia, Difficult behaviours in children; Colic, Crying, and Distress in Babies.

We use a very well established lab which has been doing these tests for at least 30 years, and have found the results of this lab to be superior to all the other tests we’ve tried. Our clients have also had incredible success with unusual and difficult symptoms after they remove the offending items from their lives.

You can read more about this test here.


Intuitive Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies are energetic flower remedies from England, which work on the emotional level to bring healing to body and mind.  They are powerful yet subtle, and very easy to take as they don’t have a strong flavour.  They can be given to anyone from babies to the elderly, and are perfectly safe in pregnancy.

Yolande has undertaken special training to learn how to do this test intuitively, picking up what your body needs on a deeper level.  She finds that the results are much better and quicker than using the traditional “consultation” method of choosing remedies.  After choosing your remedies intuitively, she then discusses them with you and adjusts them if necessary, to best fit your requirements.

This consultation can be done in person, by phone, or email.  The cost includes one month’s supply of remedy.

We can also make up bottles of remedy to your own requirements if you’d prefer to choose the remedies yourself.