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Papamoa Beach – New Zealand

Women’s Massage Information


We currently only offer Therapeutic Massage for Women, as women have different needs to men.  We specialise in Women’s needs, as well as pregnancy and babies.

We hope to expand our services in the future to offer a Massage Therapist for Men also, so keep a eye out for that.


Standard Therapeutic Massage (Deep Tissue or Relaxation): 30 or 60 minutes

You can choose from a gentle relaxing massage, or a deep massage.

Relaxation Massage uses gentle, sweeping movements to soothe and calm the nervous system and give a lovely sensation of touch to the skin.  This is well suited to people who need to relax, the elderly, or those suffering from anxiety or mental health conditions, or disabilities.  This technique is also used in Pregnancy Massage.

Deep Tissue Massage uses deep pressure, muscle-fibre kneading and stretching, and pressure points (acupressure).  Its used to relieve muscle tension and soothe aches and pains.  It can result in sore spots for a few days after the massage, as the muscles have been kneaded deeply and strongly.  Most of our clients prefer some Deep Tissue work in their massages.

[We normally use Coconut Oil, or Tui Massage Balms for these massages]


Aromatherapy: 30 or 60 minutes

This is a Standard Therapeutic Massage with the addition of healing, aromatic Essential Oils.  Essential oils work strongly on the body and nervous system, and smell amazing!

After a short discussion with you about your needs (emotional or physical), the practitioner chooses some suitable oils and blends them with a base oil.  This oil is used for your massage and you are free to take home any leftover oil, so please bring a small container to transport it in.

[We normally use Coconut or Sesame oil for the base oil]


Reflexology: 30 minutes (hands) or 60 minutes (feet)

Hand and/or Foot Reflexology is a healing system based on Asian Medicine where the foot or hand is massaged and specific points are stimulated.  These points relate to different body parts and organs.  This is not only a lovely treatment for the whole body system, but it is also a form of diagnosis, as the practitioner can tell you which organs are struggling or suffering in the body (and therefore need more attention).  By working the points, circulation to the organs is stimulated and healing energy directed to the affected organs/body parts. The whole body can be refreshed and rejuvenated through a reflexology session.

[Minimal to No Oil is used in this treatment]


Pregnancy: 30 or 60 minutes

To suit the special needs of pregnancy, we offer a relaxation massage using no Essential Oils (Aromatherapy), and no Pressure Points.  Massage is normally a lot more gentle than a regular massage, unless the mother specifically requests deeper massage in certain areas, and understands the “risks”*.  A lovely soothing massage to help the mother relax, and relieve some tension.

*The “risk” of performing a deeper massage is that it is theoretically possible to stimulate labour.  So for mothers close to their due date, they may choose to take that risk if they feel the desire.

[We normally use Coconut Oil for these massages]


Baby Massage

Coming Soon!  One on One Baby Massage Sessions.  We teach the mother to massage her own baby in a safe and comfortable environment; And educate on oils and techniques for calming and soothing your little ones from birth upwards.


Ayurvedic Massage: 30, 60, or 90 minutes.  Our Specialty Massage!

Also known as “Abhyanga”.  A very special style of massage originating in India.  This is a real treat, a blissful, luxurious style unlike any other.  As far as we know, there is no-one else in the Bay of Plenty offering Ayurvedic Massage (as at 2017), and we are also fortunate to have a Qualified Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner performing the massages.  She uses the insights gained from a deep knowledge of the unique body types to enhance and personalise your massage experience.

This massage uses luxuriously warm herbal oils, techniques specific to your body type, and activates “Marma” (vital energy) points.  The herbal oil (imported from India, using 40 medicinal herbs in a Sesame oil base) has a deeply calming, relaxing effect on body and mind.  It profoundly affects the nervous system, and also works to relax and release musculoskeletal pain and tension.

Some benefits: Stress-relieving, Rejuvenating, Refreshing, Relaxing, Pain-relief, Tension-relief, Soothing, Calming.  Improves sleep, immunity, and mood.

Read more about Ayurvedic Massage here.